True stories

The reality of heaven

Revival Explosion Miracle School 11.-13.11.2014

God touched several people who then shared what they had experienced, here are few stories. A yound lady had suffered from detrition in her jaws which has caused her pain, a crunching noise when she'd move her jaws and inability to open her mouth wide enough to eat an apple for example. The condition had been verified with an RMI. After prayer all the symptoms disappeared and she was able to open her mouth without any pain or discomfort.

Another young lady shared how she had years ago suffered from depression and then gotten healed from it. Now in the last month or so those thoughts and feelings of depression had been creeping back and she hadn't been able to shake them off her mind completely. After prayer the next day she shared how she was now completely free and could feel the freedom inside of her.

At the evening service God healed a woman who had earlier had an ear infection which had afterwards caused her a decline in her hearing, and a doctor was suspecting she might have a growth in her ear after examination. Her ear opened up, the hearing became normal and all the symptoms disappeared.

Tarja Kotro 22/09/2014:

Well that was a fun trip to the supermarket! 
Elia prayed for an elderly lady. 
Earlier she had constant pain in her ankle and it stopped right there.

In 2013 I had to take my little daughter to the intensive care unit at the hospital due to a serious kidney infection which caused her very high fever, nearly 41 degrees. Her CRP inflammation levels were extremely high and the medication wasn’t working. The doctors ran out of options what to do next, all we had to do was to wait whether one of the medications would begin to help. As a mother it was unbearable to see my daughter so weak she didn’t even have strength to cry despite her pains, and I kept crying, afraid she would die. Nevertheless I begun to read a Bible I had found at the intensive care unit. One thought kept ringing loud and clear in my mind: “Pray and ask God to help, only He can!” I sent a text message to a Christian friend asking her to pray with me for my daughter and for the Harvest Ministries Church to be praying also. A miracle happened! 24 hours later my child was healed! The doctors couldn’t explain this miracle. Me and my friend, we knew what had happened – God is love and He had healed my little Inka-Lilja.

How can I be saved?

God loves you, and He has a good plan for your life

God has created you, you are unique. There is no-one else in the world like you. Because God has created you, your life is not a meaningless existence but it has a purpose. It's possible for you to know how you came to be, who you really are and where you are going. God loves you.

Sin separates you from God

All evil that is in us separates us from the perfect love which is God. If you're honest, you'll admit that we all sometimes do wrong things. Our greatest need is for forgiveness. You need forgiveness.

Jesus died for you

Death is a consequence of sin. Jesus died in your place for your sins.
He did it because He loves you: He didn't want you to pay for all that you have done wrong. Because of the sacrifice of Jesus your sins no longer accuse you before God. Because of the death of Jesus God is ready to forgive you completely. You can be set free from guilt, shame, fear and condemnation. You can be reconciled to your heavenly Father right now. You can be cleansed and delivered from the power of sin. Because Jesus rose from the dead you can become a new person from within.

Your part is to receive His love

Why would you leave till tomorrow that which you can do today? Now is a good day. Believe these good news, and you receive power to become a child of God. Receive Jesus into your heart and life. Receive forgiveness and salvation, joy and peace in the Lord.

You can pray like this:

"God, I believe that You love me. I know that I have gone astray from Your will and need Your forgiveness. I believe Jesus died for me. I want to turn away from my sins. Jesus please come into my heart and life. I trust and believe in You, I want to receive You as my Lord and Saviour. Amen."

From here onwards

You can be certain that God has heard your prayer and Jesus has come into your life. Jesus Himself says: Whoever comes to Me I will never turn away (John 6:37). Tell someone about your faith in Jesus and your faith will get stronger. Begin to read the Bible daily starting for example from the gospel of John. Find a local Christian church that is alive and teaches from the Bible and become a member there.

We welcome you to a cell group at our church. There you will learn more about Jesus, receive an assurance of salvation and be encouraged. We have cell groups available in Luumäki, Lappeenranta and Kouvola.