Religion celebrates perfection. Family celebrates progress.

Sunday services

Cell groups

Serving others

Sunday services

On Sundays we gather to worship God, celebrate prayer answers and get encouraged for the coming week. It's possible for you to receive prayer for your needs.

Kids have their own Royal Training on Sundays. It includes lots of fun, sharing about Jesus in a relevant way and getting prepared for the coming week and life ahead.

Sunday services are held from 15:00, at Taavetti's Municipal Hall (Linnalantie 33).

You are warmly welcome to join us!

Cell groups

At the centre of our church there are cell groups which provide an experience of community and family for everyone. We meet weekly in homes around the South East of Finland. In the cell group setting you get to meet friends, learn more about God and share your experiences on your journey with Him.

If you don't belong to a cell group yet, contact us. We have cells available in Luumäki, Lappeenranta and Kouvola. You can freely come and see what it's like.


Serving others

Together we can be a positive influence in our community. Join us in voluntary service to cause positive change around us! You can contact us about how you'd like to serve the people in our community, for example in the following way:

Love in Action -food delivery project. Every so often we take a dinner to the door of those who are lonely, elderly, busy parents and those who God shows us.

A documentary about how pastor Roberto started this ministry:

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