The children's home in Brazil

Giving a better future for the children in Aguas Lindas
Harvest Church has an ongoing project through which we help needy children and families in Aguas Lindas, Brazil. Aguas Lindas is located near the capital, Brasilia. Some years ago we purchased a piece of land from there, and in the spring and summer of 2014 donated funds were used to refurbish a part of a building to be used for the project. In July 2014 over 30 people travelled to Brazil as volunteers and built a playground and its surrounding wall, helped families and served the community e.g. by collecting rubbish and by sharing the gospel.

The project is starting as free daycare for poor families together with the city authorities. Nevertheless some of these children need a permanent place to stay so that they can receive the right kind of support and care in their lives. Besides running the free daycare centre we are in the process of applying for permits in order to open a fully functioning children's home in the near future.

The building is also used for supporting the local families in other ways, for example there have been events where the gospel is shared and people are given clothes and food. The aim is to provide different types of support in order to improve the wellbeing of families in the area, for example by holding courses for parenting and learning handcrafts. We wish to bring knowledge and ideas from Finland in a way that the local people can continue doing their job even better, and possibly share their knowledge further by training others.

Through this project we want to give needy children a safe home where their basic needs are being met and where they can have experiences of being loved. Through support these children with inadequate care in their lives receive an opportunity for education and a better life. The vicious cycle of poverty continues in the lives of too many children and crime takes the life to a difficult path. With the right kind of support as early as possible enables children to go to a better direction. Besides helping individual children we also support families in need.

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