The children's home in Brazil

Giving a better future for the children in Aguas Lindas

The church has a children's home project in Brazil in a city called Aguas Lindas which is located 40 kilometres from the capital Brasilia. The purpose is to help children and families in need via a multifunctional centre located in the city. Our aim is to work as closely as possible with the local community. Harvest Church Finland owns a building which also includes a small apartment used as a shelter. Over the years we have refurbished and maintained the building and also built a wall to protect the yard.

We help the children and families in many ways, for example by sharing food. Our local co-operation partner, Rio de Deus church, gives the aid out to the people in need.

Through this project we have also cooperated with the city authorities in Aguas Lindas. In the area there is an existing children's home owned by the city. It's called Casa de Moises ("The House of Moses"). In 2021-2023 Harvest Church Finland funded a major refurbishment in the building and the yard of this children's home. With donations we were also able to donate necessary kitchen appliances and computers.

Casa de Moises is a children's home where children and youth are relocated from very difficult situations. The city finds adoptive families for them. The city nevertheless didn't have the resources to take care of the building. The refurbishment we were able to get done is on a practical level touching the lives of those children and youth who are temporarily located in the home until they are given to their adoptive families.



You can take part in this project by praying and donating.



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The Finnish police

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